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Submission Guidelines

SUBMISSIONS - Sept. 1 - Dec. 1, 2022

We seek to publish unsolicited works of speculative fiction including (and this is not an exhaustive list) science fiction, fantasy, urban, steampunk, horror, alternate history, utopian, dystopian, and futuristic. Fiction submissions must be formatted in a standard manner (see Shunn's Proper Manuscript Format). We are looking for short-shorts and longer, 500 to 6000 words in length. We also accept excerpts from novels-in-progress up to 6000 words (please include a one page synopsis with novel excerpts).

Editors prefer fiction containing unique and interesting subject matter. Please don't send us the kind of trop-heavy material that Clarkesworld, for example, would reject out of hand. Zombies, vampires, dragons, among other things are avoided by us unless you have a brand new spin on the subject. Overall, we're looking for sharp narrative, strong hooks, and unpredictable storyline progression. Also, please write a great first line. Stories must be thoroughly proofed.

We obtain exclusive electronic rights for six months following publication and non-exclusive rights after six months. Stories must be previously unpublished and thoroughly proofed. By contributing, you affirm that you have read and agree with the submission guidelines on this page. We ask that subsequent publication of the same story, whether print or electronic, acknowledge first publication in Del Sol SFF Review.

All works submitted should be attached as a Word .docx or an .rtf file (Rich Text Format).

Please send all submissions to Richard Hacker, SFF Editor

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